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The Best Shun Chef Knife

What’s The Best Shun Knife?

I hear this question all the time. What is the best Shun Knife or even more specific what is the best Shun Chef Knife. So which one of the several Chef knives offered by Shun is the best one. First we have to look at all the different types of Shun chef knives.

Types of Shun Chef Knives

Shun has a large array of chef knives with different features and different designs and listed below are just a few.

There are so many more series to list but these are some of the more common known Knives. Now we need to have a set of factors to judge each knife on.

Qualities Of The Best Shun Chef Knife

When I think of the best Shun chef knife I think of sharp edges, strong steel, and durable handles. When we analyze each Shun knife we should be looking for these qualities. Shun knives have a 16 degree edge which increases the duration of the sharp edge as well as producing sharper edge compare to other brands. The Steel in each Shun knife will vary from VG Max , VG2, VG 10, and blue steel depending on the knife. The handles either have a durable plastic or a compressed wood handle such as pakkawood. So after a long intensive research I have determined the best Shun Chef Knife.

The Best Shun Chef Knife IS……

The best shun chef knife is based on your personal preference. I know that isn’t what you want to hear, however every person will have a different opinion. What I can do is guide you into selecting the best knife based on your preference. For instance, if you are left-handed, you are going to like the rounded or octagon handle knives better. If you have small hands you will prefer a 6” blade compared to a 8″ or 10″ blade. It is important to understand the differences between each knife and then deciding which one fits you as a cook.


For me the Shun Dual Core knives and the Shun Blue Steel Knives are my best knives while this video below will show you that the Shun Premier might be your best chef knife.

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