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What’s A Steak Without A Shun Premier Steak Knife?

A plate holder. That is what a steak is without a shun premier steak knife. The modern steak knife has become the utility knife in the average home kitchen creating a common standard. This common standard includes a serrated knife that tears and shreds through the steak or any other slab of meat. While using a Shun steak knife the blade slices through the steak like butter, no tearing, no shredding, and no hot mess. If you already love Shun knives in your kitchen you will love Shun premier steak knives at your kitchen table.

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Getting To Know Your Shun

The premier steak knife has the traditional 16 degree edge for a sharper edge that will last longer. Slicing through meat for a clean-cut and happy guest. The walnut pakkawood handle allows for a balanced tool. The hammered finished blade provides an elegant design while providing a stick resistant blade to keep food from sticking. The premier steak knife is the ideal tool to have at your kitchen table. Check out this video to see the beautiful details of the shun premier cutlery series.

Take My Money Now!

The premier steak knife can be bought individually or in sets. The price for the individual steak knife is roughly $120 or a 4 piece set which cost roughly $400. Remember to always look around to find the best deal and get coupons if you can. There are also other Shun steak knife sets that could be perfect for your kitchen, for instance the Shun Classic Steak Knife. The classic steak knife can be purchased for roughly $85  or a set of 4 steak knives are priced around $285. No matter what style of shun steak knife you decide, just remember to say good-bye to those serrated disasters in your kitchen knife block.

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There isn’t anything better than Shun Premier steak knives, especially when eating a perfectly grilled sirloin steak. There are no longer a need for serrated knives and should be tossed away or used as can openers in a pinch. Serrated knives tear and rip leaving mangled meat when not sharpened. Shun Premier steak knives with the 16 degree angle slices beautifully through that sirloin. The Shun premier steak knife will make a perfect complement to your sizzling steak and the Pakkawood handle makes a great conversation starter.  Let me know what you think about the Premier steak knife set in the comments below.

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What To Look For In A Steak Knife

Much like looking for the great kitchen knife, deciding on a steak knife should be researched. A great steak knife will be comfortable, sharp, and balanced. There are other factors to consider when selecting a steak knife that you wouldn’t consider when deciding on the perfect kitchen knife.

  • Select a knife that matches the environment. When using a steak knife, it is beneficial to find a steak knife that looks great. A steak knife that looks great is more likely to be used and taken care of. If a steak knife matches the dinner ware or matches the environment, the steak knife will provide an overall experience. A beautiful steak knife such as the Shun Premier steak knife also makes a great conversational piece at the dinner table. You enjoy elegant dinners and presentation is important, check out the Shun premier line. If you like modern presentations then check out Shun Classic line. Find the steak knife that matches your environment.
  • Consider the steak knife-edge. This is also another factor to focus on because of the cutting surface. Steak knifes are not used on the cutting board as often as kitchen knives. The main cutting surface is the dinner plate. Dinner plates are not as recommended for sharp edges like wooden cutting boards. Therefore, it is important to consider the edge style of the steak knife because of the cutting surface.

Now let’s take a look at the different types of edges on steak knives.

The Cutting Edge Of A Steak Knife

Steak knives have mainly three types of edges, however, there are many different styles because of marketing, but in general they are grouped into three categories. The three types of edges are the Straight, Serrated, and Micro-Serrated. Let’s take a closer look at these edges.

Straight Edged

The Shun knives have straight edge blades, These knives are similar to the kitchen knives that Shun produces, which has a 16 degree edge that is razor-sharp. Straight edge steak knives are out of the box sharp. Straight edged steak knives provide a slicing action when cutting into your steak. The slicing action provides a cleaner cut by smoothly cutting through protein. However, the ceramic plate will dull the steak knives. Even Shun who proudly claims to have a sharper edge longer than the competition with their kitchen knives are unable to prevent the dulling damage of the dinner plate. Making the steak knife useless and unproductive. Although, these knives go dull quickly because of the cutting surface, there are still benefits of having a straight edge blade. The straight edge blade can be maintained with a honing steel just like other kitchen knives and they can be sharpened easier than serrated. Overall, straight-edged steak knives are perfect for the person who wants a cleaner cut and want a knife that requires the same familiar care that other kitchen knives need.

Serrated Knives

Serrated knives have large serrations along the blade edge that mimic teeth like cutting edge. The Serrated knife is more commonly found in the average kitchen and are amazingly cheap. Serrated steak knives are durable and will remain functional after several uses. People love serrated knives because they require little to no care and perform artofshuncutlery.comconsistently and are cheap to buy. The negative side to serrated knives is that they tear or shred the protein. There are no clean cuts like the straight-edged knife. Some people don’t mind the tearing functions because their intending to chew the food anyways. However, Straight edge knives help create a smooth cut, which also helps keep the juice and flavors into the steak rather than tearing through the steak and having the flavors puddle on the plate under the broccoli.

Micro-Serrated Knives

Micro-serrated edges were designed to be a mix of a straight edge and serrated edge. The concept is to allow the edge to grip onto the food better. However, the micro-serrated edge still tears into the protein and goes dull just as quickly as straight edge knife. The worse part about a micro-serrated steak knife is that it can be impossible to find anyone who is willing to sharpen these knives. The micro-serrations in the edge are stamped into the steel and cheaply manufactured, which also makes them even more difficult to sharpen. Once these steak knives are dull, they are useless and should tossed away.

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