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Shun Knife Angle

16 Degree Shun Knife Angle

Shun knives have a reputation for some of the sharpest kitchen cutlery in the industry. How does Shun create such sharp kitchen cutlery? The details are in the blade edge. The shun knife angle is 16 degrees on both side creating a 32 degree point. This knife angle difference creates a sharper edge compared to the competition. This is why Shun has a reputation for sharpest knives, especially out of the box sharpness.

Shun Knife Angle Compared To The Competition

Shun Knives have an angle of 16 degrees which creates a sharper edge. The competition which would include the German blades have a 22 degree angle. This creates a more blunt edge and has more tearing effect rather than the shun knife which has a better cutting effect. This difference in knife angles allow for sharper edges, but does that make the edge weaker?

Is The Shun Knife Angle More Brittle?

Ideally the concept of having a thinner knife angle would create a more fragile knife-edge. If there is less steel the edge would become more fragile, however, Shun uses a stronger steel as the core which enforces the edge and

Shun Knife Angle
Shun Honing

protects the edge. The “super steel” is the VG steel which allow the edge to remain sharper longer and keeps the steel from becoming weaker. In fact, if you use the right knife for the right job and properly maintain your Shun knife you can keep a sharper Shun longer than the competition.

Besides the beautiful artwork that each Shun knife has, the reputation of the company relies strongly on the Shun knife angle. This knife angle creates a higher quality knife, sharper knife, more reliable knife. The out of box sharpness is ridiculous and even chefs who aren’t Shun fans will agree that the Shun out of box state is one of the sharpest. ( I know it’s difficult to believe that there are people who aren’t Shun Fans).

I wanted to provide a video that shows the difference between the Shun knife angle and the competition, and I found this one by Alton Brown who explains it so well with all the scientific details. The other nice thing about Alton Brown is that he eventually help design the Alton Brown Shun Knife. He is a great chef and he has a great way of explaining the small details. Just check out this video and let me know what you think in the comments.

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