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Shun Magnetic Knife Block

Shun Magnetic Knife Block

If you have not seen this Shun magnetic knife block, you have to check this out. The Kai corporation has produced a beautiful Maple wood Knife block with magnetic power to hold Shun Knives. The Shun magnetic Knife block is just as elegant as the Shun Edo series.

Shun Magnetic Knife Block Specifications

The Shun Magnetic Knife Block is a modern upgrade to the traditional knife block set that is found in many home kitchens. The magnetic knife block takes a new approach with a hard maple wood block. The magnetic knife block

Shun Magnetic Knife Block
Shun Magnetic Knife Block

can hold up to 6 shun knives with a strong magnetic pull to hold the knives firm and sturdy. The maple hard wood is attached to a granite stand. The magnet will safely hold your shun knives in place as you swivel the maple block around. That’s right the Shun magnet knife block rotates 360 degrees.

How Much For The Shun Magnetic Knife Block

The price for this Kai Shun magnetic knife block is difficult to find an average because it is difficult to find retailers. Not only is it hard to find retailers who sell these items, but just as difficult to find a retailer who still has one in stock. This website from Europe has the items listed but not in stock and priced at £ 389.00. These magnetic blocks are difficult to find and expensive, which makes this more interesting and more desirable.

I recommend looking around and finding retailers who may still have these in stock. However, it is difficult to find anyone including Ebay. If you are lucky to have one it could be worth a lot more money. If you have one of these Shun magnetic knife blocks in your kitchen send us a picture of your Shun Showcase.

Wrapping It Up

If you have a beautiful Shun cutlery collection and want a great way to display your kitchen cutlery, then the Shun magnetic knife block is the perfect way to do it. Show off that amazing cutlery set you have invested so much into and display them properly. Plus the magnetic knife block helps protect your investment, in case you needed a reason to buy this. Using a regular knife block set simply stores your knives and protects, but hides the beautiful artistic designs of a Shun knife. You buy Shun knives for the quality and the beauty, why not show them off with a perfect  Shun magnetic knife block to properly display your collection.


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