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Shun Blue Honesuki

Shun Blue Honesuki Review

I wanted to review the Shun blue honesuki knife for those of you looking at buying the Shun blue Knife series. The Shun Blue knife is an amazing kitchen cutlery series that offers quality knives with blue carbon steel core for a stronger cutting edge. This carbon steel is sandwiched between two polished stainless steel. The Shun Blue Honesuki is designed for protein cutting with a razor-sharp edge. What’s a Honesuki used for?

What Is A Shun Blue Honesuki?

The Shun Blue Honesuki was designed for protein cutting and more specific poultry cutting. This knife is designed to break down an entire chicken with ease. The Honesuki is angled for easier access around joints and bones which is where it gets its name. The honesuki is the boning knife and has proven to be exceptional. The handle provides

Shun Blue Honesuki
Blue Shun Honesuki Knife

sturdy grip allowing for amazing control when cutting proteins. The Shun reputable sharp edge cuts through joints cartilage like butter. The Shun blue honesuki will change the way you break down a whole chicken. You can also save money by breaking down an entire chicken than to buy prepared

What Are The Shun Blue Honesuki specifications?

The Shun Blue Honesuki has the same blue carbon core with polished stainless steel on the outside just like the rest of the Shun blue series. The edge is still a 16 degree angle which provides the extreme sharpness that Shun has built their reputation on. The blade is 4.5″ with a unique design for maneuvering around bones and joints. The handle is made with a grey pakkawood which is a compressed wood that is much more sturdy than plastic handles and provides better gripping. This amazing knife is perfect for any professional chef or home cook.

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Shun Blue Honesuki Knife



Shun Dual Core Honesuki Knife



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I also wanted to share a video of Mr Knife Fanatic who provides a review on the Shun Blue Honesuki when breaking down poultry. If you want to know how to break down a whole chicken, this video is also a great video to watch as well. He explains everything so well it was easier to understand than Chef in culinary school. If you like this review make sure to share with everyone on social media. Don’t forget to sign up for the Newsletter and get updates to your email.

I have also provided a link here to purchase this knife through Amazon if you wish $180.


What To Look For In A Boning Knife?

When selecting a boning knife the process is much like any other kitchen knife. There are specific knives that will make particular jobs easier than others. When removing the bones from meat, it is important to understand there are two types of boning knives. There is a Stiff boning knife which is great for thicker cuts of meat, and flexible boning knives, which are best for removing bones from fish.

Types of Boning Knives

Stiff Boning Knives

Stiff Boning Knives are great for removing the bones from thicker cuts of meat, such as beef, pork, and poultry. Shun produces different styles of Stiff boning knives such as the Shun Blue Honesuki in the video above. You can also get a Shun Classic Honesuki which isn’t as expensive.

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Flexible boning knives

Flexible boning knives are perfect for softer cuts of meat, such as fish and even poultry. The flexible boning knife has a more narrow blade than the stiff boning knife and the blade bends. The bending of the blade allows for easier removal of bones in fish where a stiff boning knife would have more difficulties. Shun produces flexible boning knives in the Classic Series line as well in other Shun Lines.

It is recommended to have both type of boning knives in your kitchen cutlery collection.

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Size of Boning Knife

The size of the boning knife is another aspect to consider when selecting the right knife. The average blade size for a boning knife ranches between 4.5″ to 6.5″. When selecting a boning knife, you want to find a blade size that is comfortable for you. There isn’t a one suggestion that works for everyone. There are some that prefer the smaller size blade and others who prefer the larger blade size. I personally have a small stiff boning knife much like the Blue Honesuki and a larger flexible boning knife.

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Comfort of Boning Knife

The comfort of the boning knife is an aspect to consider when selecting the best boning knife. The handle is important because there are different styles and types. Just within the Shun collection series, there are several styles of handles from the D-shape to the octagon shaped handles. There are also plastic handles and wood handles. Since the handle will be in your hand every time you use it, it is important to find a style that is comfortable to you personally.

There are other factors to also put into consideration as well. When deciding on wood or plastic handles, it can be cheaper to buy plastic handles. While wood handles are easier to clean if they are compressed wood. It is also important to look for the Tang of the blade, a full tang knife is where the blade continues through the entire handle, while a partial tang blade only goes part of the way thought the handles. The full tang knives provide more durability and control.

Blade Design of Boning Knife

The blade design also has a role in selecting a boning knife. There are two style of blade design, straight blade and curved blade. The difference between the two blades makes a different when removing bones from meat. The curved knife blade is perfect for fish applications while the straight blade is perfect for beef and pork. Shun has both styles available. The honesuki knife is considered a straight blade while the gokuji knife is considered a curved knife.

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It is also important to look for blade material when selecting a boning knife. There are many different types of blade material used to make knives. The Shun material used in most of their knives is the VG Max series of steel, while the Blue Honesuki uses a blue steel. The Dual Core Honesuki uses a mix of two VG steel to great beautifully designed boning knife.

Finding The Best Boning Knife

Hopefully I have provided the information needed to make the boning knife selection easier for your kitchen collection. There are many different types of boning knives and several brands that offer great boning knives. Shun also has their version on all style of boning knives with many different styles and design to personalize knives perfect for every cook or chef.

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