Shun Knives Review: Shun VG-10 versus Shun SG2

In our Shun knives review we start by looking at the two major distinguishing factors of all Shun knives – the steel and construction.  Created in the tradition of legendary samurai swords, Shun knives are known for their design, sharpness and durability. They are handmade in Japan in a process that involves over 100 steps by skilled artisans. Primarily, there are two types of Shun Knives, based on their blades.

Shun Knives Review: Various Shun VG-10 Knives & Benefits

Shun VG-10 Knives – Types and Benefits
The Shun VG-10, also known as ‘super steel’ are very sharp, long-lasting knives. Though they have high blade retention, they tend to microchip quicker than SG2.

Shun Classic – They’re the most common type of Shun knives. They come in ebony PakkaWood D-shaped handles and have double-beveled blades

Shun Premier – They come in walnut PakkaWood handles. They also have double-beveled blades with VG-10 stainless steel cutting core.

Shun Pro – This Shun VG-10 is Single-beveled, with graffiti-etched blades. The blade is made from pure VG-10 stainless steel.

Shun VG-10 Knife Benefits
High Blade Retention – The blade of these knives lasts longer than other traditional knives.

Good wear resistance – They tend to wear out slowly, thus retaining their sharpness.

Good corrosion resistance – They are water and rust resistant.

Easy to maintain – You won’t need to send your knife for service as they can be easily sharpened at home.

Cheap – With the price of one Shun SG2, you can get two VG10 knives.

Shun Knives Review: Various Shun SG2 Knives & Benefits

The Shun SG2 is made from powdered steel. They are relatively new and made in a European style. Its different texture and slightly thinner blade allows it to be sharper than VG-10. SG2 is particularly not user friendly, as you may have to send your knife to someone else to sharpen it and pay for the service. Sharpening the blades is the key to maintaining Shun Knives.

Shun SG2 Knives – Types and Benefits
Shun Reserve – Shun Reserve is the most common type of SG2 blade knives. They come with crimson and charcoal PakkaWood handles. Furbished in Western style, it is double-beveled with a SG2 micro-carbide steel cutting core.

Shun Fuji – It comes with Tagayasan wood handles with hand-hammered finishing. The blade is made from SG2 steel core clad in nickel-stainless Damascus steel.

Shun Kaji – It has an ebony PakkaWood handle with crimson striations. The blade is made from SG2 core clad in 32 layers of nickel-stainless Damascus steel.

Shun SG2 Knife Benefits
Extremely sharp – Shun SG2 is sharper than most Japanese and other traditional knives. Its sleek blade allows it to be sharper than VG-10.

Better blade retention – The high end quality of SG2 allows it to have a better blade life than VG-10.

Good wear resistance – Like all Shun knives, the wear and tear of SG2 allows it to last long without diminishing the blade sharpness.

Good corrosion resistance – As with all Shun knives, SG2 is also water and rust resistant.

Shun Knives Review: Choosing the Perfect Knife for You

Both Shun VG-10 and Shun SG2 have good wear resistance and blade retention. When deciding on what knife you want to buy, consider the cost of both. SG2 is more expensive than VG-10, with sharpening costs as well, but it provides a sharper blade with better retention for the money.  From a Shun knives review perspective, these are hands down superior to many other brands.