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Shun Knives: What Makes Them Different From Your Traditional Chef Knives

Japanese cutlery has gained fame over the years for its minimalist and sleek style. They are known for their harder steel, fewer breakage reports and free sharpening service, compared to German knives. Shun Knives are Japanese handcrafted knives, following the traditions of handcrafted samurai swords for over a century. They are known for their precision and every knife requires skilled artisans to be created.  It takes over 100 steps to create one Shun knife.

Difference from other Traditional Japanese Knives

Shun knives have made their separate name from traditional Japanese cutlery. They are renowned for their high quality, exceedingly sharp cutting edge, and lifetime warranty. The handles are made of moisture-resistant Pakkawood which provides a very comfortable grip. A drawback of shun knives is that they come in two versions, for left-handed and right-handed people. This makes the knife harder to share, but its reasonable cost overcomes the nature of the design. Listed below are a few Japanese knives in comparison to Shun knives.

Global Knives– Their handle is made of stainless steel with small black dots. This makes them harder to grip and they get slippery when wet, while shun knives are known for their easy grip. They are light weight and come with a 5 year warranty.

Misono Knives– These knives are extremely sharp and have excellent balance. They are expensive and have to be ordered as they are not easy to find. Shun knives, though, are readily available at affordable prices.

Masahiro Knives – These knives are relatively new. They are easy to sharpen and hold the edge well. Because of its asymmetrical design, they are only suited for right-handed people. Their price is also a setback. Shun knives can be available for both right-handed and left-handed people.

Masamoto Knives –These knives have excellent retention qualities and are very easy to sharpen. Masamoto knives are expensive and hard to find though, and their care instructions only come in Japanese.

Hattori Knives – These are one of the sharpest Japanese knives out there. These knives are short in supply as well, and do not come with a warranty. Their edges are fragile compared to shun knives, as they get chipped easily.

 What Makes Shun Knives Unique

Japanese Cutlery has become popular in the cutlery industry for its unique design. What makes shun knives unique over other Japanese knives, or any other knives for that matter, is the care taken in the manufacturing process. Shun knives are made with extreme care and attention to detail. Their balance and geometry allows for easy and precise cutting. The wave pattern on the blade helps keep food from sticking to the blade. The handle makes your cutting a lot more comfortable than any other knife out there. Their hardness and cost are just added benefits to this wonderful Japanese creation. Last but not least, their lifetime guarantee will make you reach out for it as you won’t need a replacement anytime soon.

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