6 Things To Remember When Buying Japanese Shun Knives

Buying Japanese Shun Knives

Buying Japanese Shun knives can be exciting and rewarding. However, there are things to consider when buying Japanese Knives from Shun. The better prepared you are when buying knives the better the choices you will make. The first thing to remember is Japanese Shun knives are different from Western style Shun Knives.  Each Japanese knife works best in different tasks. Japanese also have a line of Sushi knives which are specific to the sushi cuisine industry and working with delicate products. It is also important to mention that Japanese knives use different techniques and some training may be needed. So if you are still looking to buy a Japanese Shun knife, remember these 6 things.


  1. Shun Japanese knives come in several different types, pick knives based on your needs. Japanese Shun Knives include Yanagi, takobiki, fugubiki, usuba, kamagata usuba, and deba. Each one has their own purpose.
  2. Japanese Shun knives are considered luxury knives in the industry. With years of popularity and brand recognition, the Kai Shun name has become known as a luxury brand because of their creative designed, high quality knives.
  3. A Shun knife will cost more than a consumer kitchen knife, but for professional kitchen knives, Shun is reasonably priced.
  4. Japanese Shun knives all have Damascus steel cladding. This gives the knives the artistic wavy design.
  5. A Shun knife comes with free sharpening with the Shun warranty. You can learn more from shun.kaiusaltd.com.
  6. Japanese Shun knives, and well all Shun knives are extremely addictive. It’s much like getting a tattoo, once you buy a shun knife you get a need to continue buying shun knives.

When searching for Japanese chef knives consider Shun knives and remember these 6 things. Your knife is an important investment and should be the best knife possible. Shun knives provide best investment for your money, and quality Japanese knives.


Where To Buy Shun Knives

It is important to purchase Shun knives from reputable retailers. One of the biggest complaints I get is that Shun Knives are damaged when they arrive. There is nothing that ruins the experience of a new Shun knife than to open the box and have a chip or chunk missing from the blade edge. It is also important to buy actual Shun knives and not a knock off. There are places to buy cheap Shun knives, however, they aren’t really Shun knives nor any where near the same quality.  Here are a few tips to remember when looking for quality Shun knives.

  • Remember to look for the Shun logo, if you aren’t familiar with Japanese characters it can all look the same so make sure the characters match the Shun logo.
  • Shun Knives are normally packaged in Shun approved marketing boxes with foam or other soft material with cut outs for the knives to fit properly.
  • Research the retailer or seller just as much as you research your knives. ( If you don’t research your knives, at least research who you are buying from).

Here are a few retailers that have proven to deliver the quality Shun knives with respect. These retailers are not rated in any particular order.

  • Amazon – Large variety of Shun products and positive feedback
  • Cutlery And More – Great prices on retired Shun knife lines ( especially the Edo knife series) ( They also Price Match)
  • Crates and Barrel – Large variety of Shun knife lines and offers hard to get knives such as the Shun Hana
  • Sur La Table –  Small product listing for Shun, Focuses on more of the basic series such as the Classic and Premier Series
  • Williams-Sonoma – Offers Free knife sharpening at any of their stores.
  • Shun – The Shun website also offers the ability to buy Shun knives, but only sells the still active Shun knives and the prices are suggested retail price.

I hope these tips are helpful and provide insight on buying Shun knives.

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