Hollow Ground Knife

What Is A Hollow Ground Shun Knife?

What is a Hollow Ground Knife? Shun cutlery provides several types of knives that are Hollow Ground, well, at least advertised as Hollow Ground knives. These knives look very similar to regular knives, so how do you tell the difference? The difference requires taking a closer look at the edge. So, let’s get to it.


What Are Hollow Ground Knives For?

Hollow ground knives are designed for less friction when chopping or slicing, which keeps food from sticking. A hollow ground knife is great for potatoes and for onions, which are the more likely items to stick to the blade. The edge is concave and creates a V shape cut pushing the sides outward, keeping the food from sticking.

Benefits Of A Hollow Ground

Hollow Ground knives have sharper edges. The edge is thinner which provides more precision cuts. The concave design also keeps food from sticking to the blade.  Consider you have a flat head screw driver and the tip is

Shun Cutlery
Flat Head Screw Driver

sharpened. This would be a regular knife. Now consider you have a flat head drill bit. This drill bit is more concave and this would be an example of a hollow ground edge.

Cons Of A Hollow Ground

Since the edge is thinner this means that the edge is weaker. Even with the Shun VG Max core steel used to enforce the strength of the edge, when grinding off a portion of the edge it will become weaker. Sharpening a hollow ground requires more work and should be done by a professional. I personally prefer to trust all my sharpening to a professional, but if you are a do it yourself type of person, do some research. Grinding out an edge requires careful work and a steady hand. Luckily Shun

Shun Cutlery
Flat Head Drill Bit

offers FREE sharpening for all Shun Knives.

The Difference Is In The Edge

A Hollow Ground knife looks similar to a straight razor, the blade edge is thinner because there is less steel to enforce the edge. It is important to point out what a true hollow ground knife is, because the common knife that we associate with as a hollow ground isn’t in fact a hollow ground. Marketing has had a huge impact on what is

Shun Cutlery
Reserve Hollow Ground Chef Knife

considered Hollow grind in today’s culinary industry. The edge is created with wheel stone and ground grind. The hollow ground that most people refer to are actually referred to as Granton edge or scalloped edge. Shun Hollow Ground Knives are actually scalloped edge because the beveled edge isn’t one continuous edge.


What Did We Learn?

The hollow ground knife that you are using is influenced by marketing and is probably only a scalloped edge and not a true hollow ground. The edge on a hollow ground knife is much thinner which is perfect precise cuts and reduced sticking on the blade. The thinner edge also weaker and requires more attention when sharpening.

Now Let’s Get Cooking!




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