Why Buy A Shun Knife

3 Reasons To Buy A Shun Knife

That’s right, I only needed three reasons on why you should buy a Shun knife. It doesn’t take a lot to convince someone to buy a shun knife, and once they do they always thank you later. Shun cutlery is a leading brand in the culinary industry with high quality and extremely sharp knives. So, let’s get down to the three reasons to buy a shun knife.

  1.  The blade edge. Shun knives have a 16 degree edge, which is one of the biggest difference between a Shun knife and German-made knives. When you break down a German made blade, the 22 degree edge makes sense because the 22 degree edge is stronger which is great for heavier knives. However, the 16 degree edge on a Shun knife is much more sharper. With a 16 degree edge the edge is more fragile in other knives, but Shun uses a mix of strong steel such as the VG10 creates a stronger edge, sharper edge, and more precision. When you buy a shun knife, the knife is extremely sharp from the box and with the 16 degree edge, it will remain super sharp much longer than a 22 degree edge. A Shun that is used daily can go nearly a year without needing to be sharpened if properly maintained.
  2. Shun knives use a handle design that works better for the hand of a chef. The handle is made of pakkawood which great for handling. Not only is the handle a great contributor to the art work of the shun, but the handle provides a reliable grip. On the Shun knife there is D-shape handles which is great for small hand chefs and beginning cooks, but the oval handles have a tear drop design that provides a more secure grip for the chef. I personal like the oval handles and the octagon shape handles because my hands are larger and they handles are more comfortable.
  3. The steel design. Shun provides strong and high quality steel in every blade. The design that Shun is known for is referred to today as Damascus Steel which creates beautiful wavy designs. The other benefit is that Shun knives use VG Max Steel which creates a stronger core and enforces the cutting edge.

Wrapping it up

Not only is the Shun knife beautiful with a Damascus blade, but include a VG Max steel to strengthen the core. High quality steel are invested into each Shun knife. Shun knives provide amazing handle designs that allow for more secure grip and better handling. The final reason to buy a shun is the cutting edge. 16 degree edges out perform 22 degree edges and a mixture of VG Max steels provide stronger edges that stay sharper longer. You can thank me later.

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