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Chef Cutlery Are More Than Just Tools

Chef cutlery is an important tool in the culinary industry, these tools make magic in the kitchen. Just like every professional, there are tools for every job and without the right tool it can be difficult to accomplish any job or task. Just like any professional, a chef uses their tools every day and it becomes obvious what features and benefits you want in chef cutlery. However, after spending so much time with your tools, you begin to find appreciation in high quality items and become attached to these items. This is the start of your collection.

Starting your collection

When you work with tools on a daily basis you tend to find flaws in items and gradually build a standard and set the bar on quality. This is when a chef begins to build a collection. A culinary cutlery collection isn’t just tools it’s the feeling that continues to ignite the culinary passion within year after year. Just like any tool you use it comes down to using quality products. So what do you look for in quality knife?

Features of a Quality Knife

Quality is obviously a key factor, but there are other factors that every chef looks for in a chef knife.

Feel and comfort- it is important to find a knife that fits well in your hand and pivots nicely between your thumb and the side of the index finger.

Handle Shape- The handle shape can provide comfort as well for long periods of uses. The more common shape is the D-shape, but I have found that the octagon or round handles are better.

Blade Size- The blade size is important as well. Blades come in many different sizes and feel different during use. For instance, Using a 12 inch blade I tend to cut my self more often than a 10 inch because the 10 inch is more comfortable in my hand and that two extra inches tend to in the way when cutting.

When you find a knife that you life and the quality that you have created for your self it is time to start your collection. Why not have a knife that looks good, feels good, and performs good. Shun cutlery is one of my favorite collections and one of the first quality knife I experienced. Admiring the craftsmanship that goes into each Shun knife just amazes me. To see a company take just as much pride into their products as I do in my cooking makes me happy to have a Shun cutlery collection.

Shun knife
Dual Core Shun Knife

Shun Cutlery Collection

In the start your collection page of this site you will find chef knives and shun cutlery that will meet anyone standards and desire. One of the main reasons I enjoy Shun knives are the artwork each knife displays. Not only is it a nice of quality and meets my standard, but my shun knife collection is an art gallery.

Now Let’s Get Cooking!

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