Classic Pro Shun Cutlery

Classic Pro Shun Cutlery– Classic Pro Knives

Classic Pro Shun cutlery are unique in design and beautiful graffiti etched into the blades. From a traditional Japanese blade style, graffiti was etched into blades and different from blade to blade, similar to a blade maker’s signature. The single bevel blade is made of pure VG10 Steel. The Classic Pro Shun knives have a D-shape handle made of pakkawood.

Classic Pro Shun Cutlery
Classic Pro Yanagiba Shun Knife

Classic Pro Yanagiba– is a slicer with a long blade for making fewer cuts. Similar to a regular slicer and commonly used for sashimi, raw fish, meat, moist foods. The Yanagiba comes in 9.5 inch and 10.5 inch blades.

Classic Pro Shun cutlery
Classic Pro Usuba Knife

Classic Pro Usuba– is similar to a vegetable knife. Usuba comes in a 8.24 inch blade.

Classic Pro Shun Cutlery
Classic Pro Deba Knife

Classic Pro Deba– is used to process fish, poultry, and Japanese cuisine. Deba is a cross between a cleaver and a chef knife. The Shun Deba knives comes in 6.5 inch and 8.24 inch blades.

Here is another great video by Chef Chris Cosentino showing off one of the Shun Pro Yanagiba knife. This is a great video to check out.

The Shun Classic Pro Series Knives

The Shun classic Pro Series Knives are designed for the professional Japanese knives. This particular series is preferred by the professional Japanese chefs. The Pro Series Knives are single sided beveled edges. The single sided bevel edge is much easier to maintain and keep sharp. The Shun Classic Pro series has some of the same features as the Shun classic series such as the dark pakkawood, d- shape handle for better grip. The pakka wood is compressed wood that provides a more durable handle and easier to clean. The D-shape design allows for a better grip and more secure handling. The Classic pro series also has etched designs on the blade was a tradition that knife makers would engrave into the steel as a signature or trademark to identify that knife. The Shun Classic Pro series wanted to provide the same design to complete the representation of traditional Japanese knife making. Using the 100 step process that Shun uses from their manufacturing location in the ancient Japanese city of swordsmanship and now with the graffiti design to represent the history of blade making signatures. The Shun Classic Pro is one of the idea master chef shun cutlery. The reliable reputation that Shun has provided over the years and the high quality products that Shun produces has provided another amazing and beautiful masterpiece known as the Shun classic Pro Series.

How To Purchase These Shun Classic Pro Series Knives

These knives can be purchased individually and just select the knives that you need or in a Shun knife set. The individual price ranges about $200 depending on the size and which Pro series knife. The Shun classic pro knife set comes in different sizes as well such as a 2 piece for around $250 and the 3 piece Asian starter set for around $470. The Sets can be cheaper if you plan to purchase knives that you need or want in these bundle rather than buying them individually. However, I always recommend research the Shun knife sets to ensure the knives included are the knives you want, other wise your spending money you don’t need to.


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