Shun Kanso Cutlery

Shun Kanso Knives and Shun Cutlery

Shun Kanso knives has a rustic look heritage finish that ages beautifully over time. The older the knife gets the more details are present in the contoured Tagayason wood handle. This Tagayson wood is referred to in Japan as the Iron Sword Wood because the incredible durability. The Kanso handle is also angled to provide a better pinch grip for cutting. The 16 degree angle blade is made from AUS20A high carbon vanadium steel. The Blade finish is a heritage finish that ages and provides rustic characteristics with use. The Heritage finish also provides less resistant blade during cutting. The AUS20A is fine-grained and can take a very sharp edge, while hard enough to keep the edge sharp. Its high-carbon content gives it good strength, edge retention, wear resistance and hardness. High chromium helps make it stain resistant. The Kanso term models a Japanese tradition that focuses on the philosophy of simplicity. These Kanso knives were meant to represent a knife that would symbolize the Zen principle of simplicity.  These knives are amazing and will have the traditional presence that chefs will be proud to continue pass knives down to the next up and coming chef.

I also wanted to share this video from House of Knives and Ashley Blair who look over on the Shun Kanso knives. These knives really do stand out from the other collections and create a new collection for chefs to desire.

Kanso Shun Cutlery
Kanso Asian Utility Knife

Kanso Asian Cook Knife– much like a chef knife but slimmer than the traditional western style chef knife.

Kanso shun Cutlery
Kanso Chef Knife

Kanso Chef Knife – Used for most foods and has a larger belly to keep knuckles from hitting the cutting board. Used in a rocking or push cut motion. Has a wide blade that can be used to transfer food to cook ware.

Kanso Shun Cutlery
Kanso Hollow Ground Santoku Knife

Kanso Hollow Ground Santoku – Similar to a chef knife.

Kanso Shun Cutlery
Kanso Honing Steel

Kanso Honing– Stainless steel with micro ribs for straightening the edge of the blade. Not a sharpener.

Kanso Shun Cutlery
Kanso Paring Knife

Kanso Paring Knife – Commonly used for peeling, coring, trimming, and decorative cutting. Perfect for garlic and ginger.

Kanso Shun Cutlery
Kanso Utility Knife

Kanso Utility knife – is a smaller knife used for coring and trimming of fruit and vegetables.

Who Are The Kanso Knife Customer

The Shun Kanso knives will appeal to those new to Shun cutlery. The Kanso knives will also attract customers who prefer simple and clean lines in design. The Kanso will also draw new cooks, and aspiring chefs who enjoy high performance steel, razor- sharp edges, and balance and precision cutting control. These knives are exciting and fun to use, anyone who enjoys quality performance and durability.

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