Art Of Shun Cutlery

The Art Of Kershaw Shun Cutlery

                Kershaw Shun Cutlery are crafted and designed beautifully from the traditional culinary preparation in Japan when food is at its freshest. The term Shun, which is pronounced “Shoon” and rhymes with “toon” describes the exact season during the year when a particular food is at its peak, freshest, and most delicious state.  The Shun Knives feed on this same tradition to create and craft knives that are at their peaks every time. Well crafted, impeccable design and precise details the Shun is a masterpiece that has become a way of life.

The Creation of Shun Knives

From the city of Seki, the Kai Corporation continues to craft knives where the history of samurai swords was made. More than 100 years of history, the city of Seki produces highly skilled and educated craftsman who produce the highly desired blades across the world. Kai Corporation uses the inspiration from Seki City and blade making traditions of ancient Japan to produce precious cutlery. Kershaw Shun artisans strive to create knives that are creating higher standards and demanded quality. Shun knives continues to dominate the cutlery industry with well-crafted, masterpieces that are highly desired by chefs.

Kai Corporation not only created an amazing chef knife, but designed equal quality line of knives and tools used in the restaurant industry. Every item is created with the chef in mind with well-designed handles, sturdy bolster, detail crafted blades, and quality sharp edges. Every Shun is a tool that becomes part of the chef, a connection, a relationship, an extension of the chef’s hand. Once you use a Shun, you will never use another knife in the kitchen. Every slice and every chop produces quality performances and creates an experience that is unforgettable.

                Kai Corporation takes pride in the creation of the Shun Knives and even boasts about the 100 handcrafted steps included in the production of each Shun Knife. The influence from the ancient Japanese swordsmith traditions combined with new and effective technology and incorporating advance materials sets the foundation for the Shun masterpiece. The Kershaw Shun Knife shows experience and sets standards in the kitchen knife industry.

The Shun Knife Lines

                The Kershaw Shun Knife collection includes several chef knives, cooks knives, filleting, paring knives, and cleaver. Each Knife has its own collection starting with the classic collection ranging up to the Blue collection and Premier Kiritsuke collection. Each knife in every collection has a unique personality and specific design. Kai Corporation also produces additional tools to accompany Shun cutlery including bamboo blocks to preserve the storage of each knife and Hinoki cutting boards to prolong the sharp edges between honing and sharpening. Every knife has a different personality, and Shun produces unique wood blocks to accommodate storage and protection of each blade.

The Shun cutlery takes pride, passion, and history to create a well-crafted standard setting tool that becomes the art work in the chef’s hand. Produced by a strict 100 step process and influenced by tradition, Shun knives continue to set industry standards with quality products. The Shun Knife performs at its peak every cut, every time.

Shun Classic Line

The Shun classic line is considered a great starting series of Shun cutlery collection. The Shun classic line has several types of knives ranging from the chef knife to the off set bread knife.

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Shun Premier Line

The Shun premier line is a beautiful line of knives with a hazel nut colored handle and an amazing hammered finished blade.

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Shun Sora Line

The Shun sora line is considered the starter chef series. The Sora line is great for new cooks and new chefs who desire a reliable knife with simplicity in mind.

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Shun Kanso Line

The Shun Kanso Line provides a wood handle design that is extremely beautiful. The Kanso Line is a great starter knife or great for any one who wants a simple design with high quality features.

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Shun Edo Line

The Shun Edo series provides the elegant design of the classic series with the hammered finished of the premier series. The Shun Edo is unique in handle design and an amazing artwork.

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Shun Hiro Line

The Shun Hiro Series is a professional line of knives that provides an elegant design and high quality blade. The Shun Hiro line makes a great conversation starter.

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Shun Dual Core Line

The Shun Dual Core line is a fabulous series of knives. The dual core knives are crafted with two types of steel, creating an elegant blade design unlike any other. The Shun Dual core is a great knife series.

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Shun Classic Pro Line

Much like the Shun classic series, the Shun classic pro has similar features. The major differences is the amazing graffiti etched into the blades represents a traditional Japanese blade making signature.

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Shun Reserve Line

The shun reserve series is an impressive knife line with crimson red design in the handle and cutting edge blade material.

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At Art of Shun Cutlery, I wanted to provide a location where anyone who wants to research Shun Cutlery before purchasing will find everything they need to know. There articles one shun knives line and series, as well as detail on the knife sets that shun offers. Then we also provide information on the different styles of knives to explain what each knife is used for and explaining more details on the specifics of each knife.

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