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Premier Shun Cutlery From Shun Knife

Premier Shun cutlery focuses on the hand forged design.  The Premier Shun Knives have a Damascus blade with 34 layers of VG Max stainless steel cladding on each side. The Hammered tsuchime finish creates less friction and keeps food from sticking.  The Premier Shun cutlery blade has a 16 degree angle edge. The handle is made contoured walnut Pakkawood.

Shun cutlery
Premier Nakiri Knife

Premier Nakiri Knife– Japanese word for vegetable knife. Not used with a rocking motion only for push cut motion cutting.

Premier Shun Cutlery
Premier Utility Knife

Premier Utility Knife – is a smaller knife used for coring and trimming of fruit and vegetables.

Premier Shun Cutlery
Premier Ultimate Utility Knife

Premier Ultimate Utility Knife multipurpose utility knife, used as a normal utility knife, serrated edges that acts like a serrated utility knife, and a rounded belly for rocking motion cuts just like a chef knife.

Premier Shun Cutlery
Premier Shun Slicer Knife

Premier Slicer Knife Long narrow blade made for fewer cuts. This narrow long blade allows to cut large portions of protein without sawing or tearing.

Premier Shun Cutlery
Premier Shun Serrated Utility Knife

Premier Serrated Utility Similar to a utility knife with a serrated edge for cutting through tough skin fruit and vegetables such as tomatoes.

Premier Shun Cutlery
Premier Shun Santoku Knife

Premier SantokuBest for push cut motion, slightly smaller than a chef knife but designed to be similar to a chef knife.

Premier Shun Cutlery
Premier Shun Honesuki Knife

Premier Honesuki Japanese boning knife. Perfect for getting around bones and joints and great for scoring and trimming.


Premier Shun Cutlery
Premier Shun Carving Fork

Premier Carving Fork– A carving fork is an assistant to the carving knife by holding and transferring food during carving.

Premier Shun Cutlery
Premier Shun Chef Knife

Premier Chef Knife – Used for most foods and has a larger belly to keep knuckles from hitting the cutting board. Used in a rocking or push cut motion. Has a wide blade that can be used to transfer food to cook ware. Chef Knife comes in 6 inch, 8 inch, and 10 inch blades. Check out this video from Knife Wizard who does a review for the Premier Chef Knife.



Premier Shun Cutlery
Premier Shun Bread Knife

Premier Bread knife – Designed to saw bread without crushing or tearing the bread.

Premier Shun Cutlery
Premier Shun Sumo Santoku Knife

Premier Sumo Santoku – Similar to a chef knife, but much larger and intended for rocking and push cut motion. Larger than a chef knife, but slightly smaller than a rocking knife.

Premier Shun Cutlery
Premier Shun Vegetable Knife

Premier Vegetable Knife Also known as a Sheep’s foot, the knife has a curved tip great for cutting vegetable over a pot and creating disk shaped produce.


Wrapping It Up

The Premier cutlery series is one of beautiful Shun series that has enhanced the Shun reputation. The Premier series steps up the standards while providing a artistic selection that differs from the Shun Classic series. The Premier knives are exceptional and a quality knife to add to your Shun cutlery collection.
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