Reserve Shun Cutlery

Reserve Shun Cutlery From Shun Knife

Reserve Shun cutlery focuses on the perfect balance. The Shun knife is slightly heavier than most other knives for that perfect balance that Shun cutlery focused on. The Reserve Shun Knives have a Damascus blade with 64 layers of SG2 steel. The Reserve Shun cutlery blade has a ladder design, and a 16 degree angle edge. The handle is made up of charcoal and crimson Pakkawood handle.

Shun knives
Shun Reserve Chef Knife

8 Inch Chef Shun Knife – Used for most foods and has a larger belly to keep knuckles from hitting the cutting board. Used in a rocking or push cut motion. Has a wide blade that can be used to transfer food to cook ware.

Shun Cutlery
Reserve Hollow Ground Santoku Knife

Reserve Hollow Ground Santoku Best for push cut motion, slightly smaller than a chef knife but designed to be similar to a chef knife.


Reserve Shun Knife Serrated utility
Reserve Shun Knife Serrated utility

Reserve Serrated Utility Shun knife Similar to a utility knife with a serrated edge for cutting through tough skin fruit and vegetables such as tomatoes. The serrated edges are on the top and bottom of the blade while the middle is a straight blade.

Shun Cutlery Reserve Hollow Slicing Knife
Shun Cutlery Reserve Hollow Slicing Knife

Hollow Ground Slicing Shun Knife – Long narrow blade that uses fewer cuts allow more juice to stay inside the meat. Perfect for larger cuts of meat.

shun cutlery
Reserve Bread Shun knife

Bread knife – Designed to saw bread without crushing or tearing the bread.

Shun cutlery
Reserve Honing Steel

Honing– Stainless steel with micro ribs for straightening the edge of the blade. Not a sharpener.

Shun cutlery
Reserve Paring Knife

Reserve Paring Shun Knife – Commonly used for peeling, coring, trimming, and decorative cutting. Perfect for garlic and ginger.

Shun Cutlery
Reserve Hollow Ground Chef Knife

Reserve Hollow Ground Chef Knife- Great for slicing and chopping protein and vegetables.

Shun Reserve Knives

The Reserve knives have an incredible design and unique characteristics. Modeling the western style knives and implementing the quality standards of Shun knives, has created an amazing Shun reserve series. The western style knives will provide a high quality knife that will comfortably into your hand.

The handle has the most beautiful crimson design Pakkawood handle. The Pakkawood handle is compressed wood that provides durability and easy cleaning. The large belly of the western style provides better cutting and keeping your fingers tips from touching the cutting board. Combining the western style with the traditional Japanese knife making creates a reliable kitchen knife worth every penny.

I also wanted to share this video from Shun talking about the key points of the Shun Reserve series.


The Shun Reserve is one of the elegant knives you will see. This beautiful knife provides the quality performance you expect from a Shun and the comfortable handling you desire. Let me know what you think of the Shun Reserve Knives.

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