Shun Classic Chef Knife

Shun Classic Chef Knife 8 Inch Blade

Shun classic Chef Knife is one of the common chef knives in the culinary industry. This simple beauty is great for starting a new knife collection or for new chefs and cooks in the industry. The Classic Series is a great knife to begin with and get comfortable with knives. The D-shape handle creates a familiar feeling in the chef’s hand. This can also provide insight in finding new alternatives to knife handles. For instance, I started my first collection with a Shun 8 inch Chef Knife and after heavy use I found the I preferred the octagon shaped handle better. When using a chef knife on a regular basis it is important to find one that fix well in your hand and is comfortable at all times. Shun Classic Chef Knifes are great starter knives because they are durable.

The more common knife in the Shun classic series is the chef knife, that comes in a 6,8, or 10 inch blade. The Classic Knife has a D-shaped handle with a black laminated finish. The Classic collection also has every tool needed by

Shun Classic Knife
Shun Classic Knife

a chef or home cook, including the paring knife, bread knife, filet knife, cleaver, honing steel, and vegetable knife. Depending on the job and the need for the right tool, you can also purchase Classic Knives individually such as the Nakiri, Carving Fork, Chinese vegetable cleaver, Rocking Knife, and Hollow ground ham and salmon knife. The wide variety of knives offered in the Classic collection is idea for any chef customizing or beginning their knife set. The Shun Classic chef knives can be purchased through websites such as Amazon and William-Sonoma. The prices from site to site can differ sightly and some collections may vary as well. For a complete list of Shun Chef Knives or other Shun Cutlery visit our other pages or visit Shun’s website.

The Shun Classic Chef Knife

The chef knife is the main tool in any kitchen because of the variable task that can be completed. In fact, several chefs will even use the chef knife in place of a paring or utility knife. It’s not because they can not afford the knives designed for those task, but because the chef knife becomes an attachment to their arm. The Shun classic chef knife provides an extention to the chef hand and fits comfortably in the palm of the chef. This allows for the chef to feel more confident and comfortable when preparing dishes. The Shun classic is a beautiful example of the essential knives in the kitchen, and should be considered as a knife in your cutlery collection.

Here is a video the provides a great review on the Shun Classic Chef knife. This video is from Cutlery and More with Chef Chris Cosentino, who does a great job showing off this Shun Chef knife.

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