Shun Classic Knife Series

Shun Classic Knife

                 Shun Classic knife series is beautifully made and well-crafted artwork. Shun Knives are manufactured by the Kia Corporation using the influence from ancient Japanese swordsman craft and following a strict 100 step process for each knife. These knives have become highly admired and cherished by chefs in the industry. The Shun Classic Knife is sold individually or in sets.  As a result, Shun has provided knife sets featuring the Shun Classic knife series.

Shun Classic Knife Series Sets

While Shun knives are known in the culinary industry, few understand the history of the Shun Knife.  Shun Knives are created by the Kai Corporation influenced by ancient Japanese swordsman crafting and created a highly desired knife by all kitchen chefs. The well-crafted blades and unique personality each knife has comes in different collections offered by Shun. Shun produces the quality tools from chef knives to paring knives in each specific collection. These knives can become expensive and therefore, Shun offers knife sets that include different tools in a knife roll bag, giving every chef an opportunity to own the highest quality cutlery in the kitchen knife industry. Further more, websites such as Amazon provide Shun knives at lower cost.

Shun Classic Knife Series Block Sets

                First of all, Shun Corporation offers two different types of knife sets. The first type of knife sets includes the kitchen block knife sets. Shun provides different size sets ranging from 5 piece, 7 piece, 8 piece, and 10 piece. The block sets include essential tools found in the kitchen starting with the 5 piece that includes the honing knife, chef knife, paring knife, and bread knife. Furthermore, consumers can purchase additional knives to add to wood blocks or purchase larger sets that include more tools. Additional tools include shears, vegetable knife, and filet knife. In addition to the wood block sets, Shun provides Shun Knives for the beginning chefs.

Shun Classic Knife Series Student Kitchen Sets

Another Set of knives includes the student knife sets for new and upcoming chefs entering culinary school. The student sets come with a 20 lot knife case and comes in 4, 5, or 8 piece Shun Chef Knifeset. The Shun knives included are from the Classic collection and start with a 8 inch chef knife, paring knife, and utility knife. The larger sets include other tools such as the filet knife, bread knife, and honing knife. Shun Cutlery only provides student knife sets in the Shun Classic series.

Shun provides quality knives in different collection, selling each knife individually. Shun provides kitchen knife sets in two styles, the wood block sets and the student kitchen case set. Shun provides quality knives that are available in sets and affordable for chefs wanting the best quality possible. Most noteworthy is the large collection of Shun knives available individually.

Shun Classic Individual Knives

                 First of all, the most common knife is the chef knife, that comes in a 6,8, or 10 inch blade. The Classic Knife has a D-shaped handle with a black laminated finish. The Classic Series also has every tool needed by a chef or home cook, including the paring knife, bread knife, filet knife, cleaver, honing steel, and vegetable knife. Depending on the job and the need for the right tool, you can also purchase Classic Knives such as the Nakiri, Carving Fork, Chinese vegetable cleaver, Rocking Knife, and Hollow ground ham and salmon knife. The wide variety of knives offered in the Classic collection is idea for any chef customizing or beginning their knife set. Below is a sample pricing guide for a few knives to provide insight on the cost for these knives. In addition each knife can be purchased through these link noted below.

In conclusion, the Shun Classic Knife series offers a variety of knives for the chefs in cooking industry. Shun Classic Knives are made with high quality steel and manufactured with intense detail and pass, influenced from ancient Japanese metal making.  Shun Classic knives help create masterpieces and furthermore, better food.

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