Shun Hana Chef Knife – The Maserati Of Shun Cutlery

Shun Hana Chef Knife Limited Edition

The Shun Hana limited edition Chef Knife is the luxury knife in the culinary world. The Damascus blade shines with a beautiful designed made from stainless steel. The Shun Hana chef Knife is perfect for all of your cooking needs from cutting vegetables to trimming meat. This smooth and sharp blade is perfect for any cutlery collection. Now for more details.

The Real Art Is Revealed With The Details

This beautifully crafted Shun Hana Chef Knife arrives in a bamboo storage box. The Handle is made from the tagayasan wood with the more recognized pakkawood as accents. The Shun Hana Chef Knife has a roll-forged blade made from high carbon and high chromium VG10 and VG2 stainless steel with alternating layers. These alternating layers stretch from the handle and reach towards the cutting board. The Shun Hana Limited Edition comes with the same mirror finish and precise sharp edge.

The Damascus pattern on the Hana Chef Knife helps reduce food sticking, increasing the smooth cuts. The Blade Show awarded the Shun Hana Chef Knife as the Kitchen Knife of the Year in 2015. This beautifully crafted knife has proven to be the luxury knife in the culinary industry. So how much does this Shun Hana Chef Knife sell for?

Hand Crafted in Japan, This Luxury Limited Edition Shun Hana Knife Cost…

The listed price tag for the Shun Hana Limited Edition Damascus Blade Chef Knife starts off at $750! Now you may have your mind blown at the price tag, however, considering the 100 step process included making every Shun knife and the amazing details put into making this knife, it is easy to see why the luxury knife comes with a luxury price. Now not only does the amazing craftsmanship increases the price, but the limited quantity produced also rises the price. At last you have finally decided you need the Hana limited Edition Chef Knife for your collection, but before you pay $750 check out where to find it cheaper.

There are retailers that offer the Shun Hana Chef Knife include William, Amazon, and Cutlery And More. You can find the Shun Hana Chef Knife for a more reasonable price. However, The price comes with a catch. With limited quantities the chef knife can be difficult to find.  For instance, as of today 06/29/2016 Amazon only shows 2 knifes left for sale. The same goes for the other websites as well, this is an act now type of Knife. Now for the price….$549 is the lowest price I have found on the internet for the Hana Chef Knife. An amazing piece of art with beautiful details could be part of your you collection today!

I also wanted to share this video that shows off the Limited Edition Shun Hana. The video is from Shun and covers all the amazing features of the Shun Hana. Let me know what you think.

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