Shun Knife Set

Shun Knife Set

As a home cook it can be easy to purchase a Shun knife set that come equip with the necessary tools in the kitchen. One thing to remember is that when buying shun knives in sets you may get knives that aren’t needed. Luckily Shun cutlery has provided many different types of shun knife sets in different sizes.

Different Type Of Shun Knife Sets

There are many different types of shun knife sets for the average home cook. Each one of these sets come in different sizes. This is great to allow the home cook to select the tools needed. Now lets take a look at all the

Premier Shun Knife
Shun Knife Set Premier

different styles of knife sets. ( I will have a more detail article on each one of these different sets in the very near future.)

Of course each one of these sets have different sizes and are equipped with different knives. The large variety of knife sets is great because it allows the cook or chef to purchase what is needed or wanted.

Buying The Right Shun Cutlery

Since there is such a large variety of selection when choosing a knife set, it is important to buy the right set. There are starter sets, that allow the chef or cook to purchase the basic knives and gradually grow their collection from there. These starter sets are great on budget and for starting out, however, they tend to come with knives that are needed. The paring knife is one of the more common knife that isn’t necessary and hardly used anymore. If a paring knife isn’t needed, there are starter sets without paring knives such as the Asian Sets. Remember to select a brand with comfort in mind. If you want a D-shape handle stay near the Shun Classic and Shun Sora sets or if you prefer the round handles the Shun Premier and Shun Hiro sets are better.

Where To Buy Kitchen Knives

There are many different places to buy Shun Knives, just as there are many different kitchen knives. Listed below are just a few places that offer kitchen cutlery and have a reputation for ensuring quality delivery.

  • Amazon– this is one of my favorite places to shop because of the discounts and the coupons you can find online to get a lower price. Check out these Shun knives.
  • William-Sonoma –  is another place to buy Shun knife sets and offers a wide selection to choose from just like Amazon. I personally don’t do a lot of shopping at WS but one benefit they do have is Free Sharpening at every store. ( Shun also offers free sharpening and they only need to be done once a year, but great benefit if you buy any other knife.)
  • CutleryandMore- I have to say that I really enjoy shopping on Cutlery and More. The specs and details are dead on and make shopping easy to do. Similar to Amazon with their selection but they also have access to some of the discontinued series as well. If I can’t find a Knife on Amazon, I go to Cutlery and More next.
  • Macy’s – Is a major retail store that provides small selection of Shun Knife Sets. They are reliable and have a reputation, but not necessarily a place I would shop at or anywhere special.

I wanted to provide several places to purchase kitchen knives. I highly recommend Amazon and however, there are others and everyone has their own preferences. Look for benefits when buying a shun knife, such as free sharpening, high positive reviews for delivery, and discounted price options. I always look for coupons and try to get knives at sale prices when possible. Looking around at other retailers is also another good option. Remember big retailers such as JCP, Macy’s, Bed Bath and Beyond will only provide limited basic beginning knife sets. If you want a serious knife set with large amount of tools use the first three retailers.

Japanese Chef Knife

When considering Japanese Chef Knives I tend to lean towards the Shun cutlery. However, there are several other brands that provide quality tools for the kitchen. These Japanese kitchen knives should also be considered when making a purchase for your knife collection.

One of the biggest competitors that is talked about from website to website and forum to forum, is the Global Cutlery. When researching Japanese kitchen knives, Global and Shun knives are the most talked about. There are other brands that should be mentioned such as Kyocera (the company that makes most of virgin mobiles cellphones), and  Kasumi, Henckels (another brand that is spoken highly of in the chef world).

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Global Knife Set

Global knives are easy to use and razor sharp. One of the main factors that everyone mentions about global knives is the extremely light weight knives they produce. Global cutlery focuses on light weight, razor sharp that last longer than most other kitchen knives, and stainless steel metals that are stronger than German competitors. These knives come in great kitchen knife sets that can meet any cooks needs.

>Check Out These Global Knife Sets<

Henckels Knives

Henckels are talked about among chefs and home cooks just as much as Shun and Global. Henckels provide hand crafted knives produced in Seki, Japan. The same city Shun Cutlery are hand-crafted. The Henckels focus on Japanese forged knives from high quality steel and durable Micarta Handles. These knives will make a great addition to home cook’s knife collection.

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The Best Chef Knife

One of the most asked question that I see is what is the best chef knife. The answers differ depending on the person answer or which website you visit. If you want to know what is the best Japanese Chef knife? Is it Global, Henckels, or Shun?

Well just like there are many different answers there are many different factors to determine this right answer. Some say you need to buy the best knife you can afford, but if you only have 100 dollars you may still get a terrible knife. Some also say that all knives are the same. Anyone who tells you this doesn’t use a knife or a living. Then you have the people who are proud to recommend the brand they use, such as Global or Shun. The answer is easy, but requires education.

When selecting the best knife, you need to look for a knife that is comfortable in your hand, look for quality steel that will provide the cutting edge and strength, and the length that fits your needs. These factors will guide you into finding the best chef knife. The answer to the best chef knife is different for each person, because each person is different. Finding the knife that provides the features and benefits that you desire will be the best chef knife. The best chef knife is the one that best for you, there is no universal answer that will solve this question.

Let me know what your favorite knife is and why.

Now let’s get cooking.

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