Premier Shun Knife Set

Premier Shun Knife Set

The premier Shun knife set is a beautiful set of knives that not only provide sharp cutlery, but amazing artwork in the kitchen. The Premier knife is a set of knives that provides elegant kitchen cutlery and reliable tools for any dish. Premier Shun cutlery focuses on the hand forged design.  The Premier Shun Knives have a Damascus blade with 34 layers of VG Max stainless steel cladding on each side. The Hammered tsuchime finish creates less friction and keeps food from sticking.  The Premier Shun cutlery blade has a 16 degree angle edge. The handle is made contoured walnut Pakkawood. In this article I will be focusing on the 7 piece Shun knife set.

What Is Included In The 7 Piece Knife Set

The 8 piece Premier Shun knife set includes the 8” Shun chef knife, 3″ vegetable knife, 4″ Shun paring knife, 6.5 utility knife, 9″ honing steel, kitchen shears and 11 slot bamboo block. The bamboo block is considered one

Premier Shun Knife Set
Premier Shun Knife Set 9pc

of the pieces in the Shun knife set.  You can get these in different sizes which I will list down below. How much for these beautiful knives?

Where To Buy Shun Knife Set and How Much

Normally I select Amazon as my go to place for Shun knife sets because of the ability to get lower prices and find coupons. Today is no different. Amazon has the 7 piece Shun knife set for 699. You can also get the premier Shun knife set for 699 at cutlery and more. com which I like how well they go into detail about each product, Williams- Sonoma, Crates and Barrels, and Sur La Table. The prices are the same across all of these retailers, just remember no matter where you buy them look for Free Shopping and go to retail me not . com for coupons.

Different Sizes Of The Premier Shun Knife Set

There are several sizes that you can order and depending on your need it is better to buy what you need and grow as you continue. With that said it is important to speak about the starter sets, Shun premier has a starter set of 2 knives a Shun Chef and Shun Paring, and a 3 piece set. I will have articles on more detail on these sets by them self. The starter sets do not come with block storage, which is great if you want to add to an already collection. There are also steak knife sets as well, again I will have a complete article just on those.

  • Premier Shun Knife Set 5Pc -449
  • Premier Shun Knife Set 7Pc– 699
  • Premier Shun Knife set 8Pc-599
  • Premier Shun Knife set 9Pc– 1398 – Cutlery and More has it for 999 as of right now for sale so always check around and get the best price.

Here is a video that I wanted to Share. This video is from Knife Wizard and they cover the 7 piece Shun premier knife set and provide a personal review on this cutlery set. Let me know what you think. 

 Now let’s get cooking.

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