Shun Classic Carving Set

Shun Classic Carving Set

Whether you are carving a turkey on Thanksgiving Day or a succulent whole roasted chicken, it is important to have quality and sharp carving tools like the Shun Classic Carving set. The Classic Series is a great knife to begin with and get comfortable with knives. The D-shape handle is typical for most knives and creates a familiar feeling in the chef’s hand. This can also provide insight in finding new alternatives to knife handles. The Classic Carving set is a great set to have for all your carving needs.

What’s Include?

The Shun Classic carving set includes a carving fork and a slicer. The Slicer is a great tool to have as well because it can be used in other application other than carving a turkey or whole chicken. The Shun classic Slicer can be used

Shun Classic Carving Set
Shun Classic Carving Set 2pc

to serve a Roasted brown sugar and pineapple ham or have a great weekend and turn your back yard into a Churrascaria and have all kinds of roasted meats to carve. Although your dinner would be the main start at the dinner table, why not complement your dish with a beautiful Shun Classic carving set. The carving set includes the following.

  • 6.5″ Carving Fork
  • 8″ Classic Slicer

Where To Buy?

Amazon currently has the lowest price by a few dollars. Amazon has the Shun Classic carving set priced for  $242 while the other retailers have them listed for $250. If you don’t like shopping at Amazon, I would then recommend Cutlery and More because they will do a price match on the same items. You can also buy this Shun classic carving set  at Williams-Sonoma and Sur La Table. With a price difference that is so small, it doesn’t matter where you decide to buy a shun knife, but look for ones that have Free shipping and look for coupons. Get the best deal possible.

The Shun classic carving knife set is a great gift for any home cook or new chef. Not only does this set have the high quality features of every other shun, but the classy and elegant design that looks amazing on any kitchen table. The classic carving set makes a great conversation starter at Thanksgiving and provides the amazing performance expected from a Shun knife. I personally have gifted these carver sets to home cooks that enjoy having nice cutlery in their home.

I also wanted to share this video. This video is from Knife Wizard and they did another great video review on the Shun Classic Carver Set. They not only go over the basic information on the set but they also give a personal review as well for buyer experience. I think these videos are great because they provide an actual personal review rather than just an overview of the product. The Knife Wizard does a lot of videos on other cutlery products as well and compare them to Shun cutlery. Those videos are also another great series to check out because they compare two different brands. Just remember that there are some major differences between German brands and Shun, so always take those comparisons with caution.


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