Shun Classic Asian Set

Shun Classic Asian Set

The Shun Classic Asian Set is much similar to the Shun classic Starter set, except the Asian set has more useful knives.  The Asian set still has the same features that the rest of the Shun classic series with sleek dark pakkawood handles. Damascus steel with a VG core and 32 alternating layers on both sides. Mirror finished stainless steel shine through and provides a beautiful master piece.  Now what’s included in the Asian Set.

What’s Included

Unlike the Shun Classic Starter set the knives in the Shun Classic Asian set provides two useful knives. The First knife is the Classic Shun Asian Knife which is slightly smaller than a Western Shun Chef knife at 7 inches. The second knife is the 5″ Hollow Ground Nakiri knife. The Shun Kakiri knife will be used more often than the Shun paring knife in the Classic starter set. This 2 piece set does not come with a wooden block storage, but I highly recommend this set if you want to start off in the Shun collection, A new chef with Asian cuisine in mind, or a home cook who would like quality knives.

Where To Buy

Amazon is the first place I would look for the Shun Classic Asian knife set which cost $180. There are some retailers that offer other versions of these Asian sets. For instance, Cutlery and More offers an eastern/western set which is still a great set to invest in. The set cost around $200 which includes a 7” Shun Chef Asian knife and a 8″ Hollow Ground Shun Chef Knife. This set would also be a great gift to give because the knives are worth buying and useful. I’m not a huge fan of knife sets because they tend to come with more than what is needed or knives that

Wrapping It Up

This Shun classic Asian Set is a great set for any one who wants to get into Asian cuisine. These two knives are considered the essential knives in Asian cuisine. I personally have some eastern style knives because of some Japanese cuisine dishes that I enjoy doing. This classic set of knives is basically a starter set for home cooks or up and coming chefs who want to focus on eastern dishes. There are different techniques and different methods of preparation that will be found in other cooking methods that require different knives. This Asian Set offered by the Shun Classic series is designed to handle these task and skills. This also makes a great gift for a new culinary student as well, who plans to train in the art of sushi. The Classic Asian knife set provides the two essential starter knives needed in preparation. The only other knife that I would recommend with the serving of sushi is a quality Slicer knife for working with larger fish products and for better cuts when slicing the roll for plating. I found that a chef knife requires more push cut and doesn’t give a presentation of the seaweed. However, a Slicer with long slicing motions provides a much cleaner cut than a chef knife would.

Here is a video that shows the basic information of the Shun classic Asian knife set. This video was produced by Shun. Let me know what you think.

Now Let’s Get Cooking!

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