Shun Classic Knife Set

Shun Classic Knife Set

One of the most common Shun Cutlery Sets is the Shun Classic Knife Set. The Classic knife set comes in an array of different sizes based on the needs of the chef. In this particular page I will be discussing the 7 piece Classic knife set. I will also include the other sizes as well so that you can see the different variety. So what’s included in the 7 piece knife set.

7 Piece Shun Classic Knife Set

In side the 7 piece knife set is the bamboo block which is counted as one piece. The bamboo block is a 13 slot, oval-shaped, allow for additional knives. Now let’s look at the knives within the set. The first knife is the 3.5″ Shun paring knife. This is one of those knives that doesn’t get used too often but it’s included. The next knife is the Shun 6” utility knife. Very handy knife to have around the house. Then you have the 8″ Shun chef knife which is almost essential in all cooking. You also get a 3.24” Shun vegetable knife. Sad to say, but the vegetable knife will be used more often than then paring knife. The knife set also includes a 9” Shun classic honing steel to keep the hardware maintained and Shun classic shears. I chose to talk about his knife set simply because the 7 piece set has the basic knives need in kitchen. If you make homemade bread on a regular basis, I would suggest upgrading to a knife set that has a bread knife included, but I personally have a local bakery I use for my bread needs.

Where To Buy Shun Classic Knife Set

The first retailer that I always recommend is Amazon, I have also provided links throughout my page to direct you to store. I normally recommend Amazon because the prices are normally cheaper, the delivery system is more reliable, and it is so much easier to find coupons and discounts. Other retailers include Williams- Sonoma, Cutlery and, Sur La Table, Crate and Barrel, and much more. Now who has the better price.

How Much For The 7 Piece Shun Classic Knife Set

Over at Amazon the current price is $430. The going rate on most of the retailers is $500 for the 7 piece knife

Shun Classic Knife Set
Shun Classic Knife Set 7pc

set. However, if you jump over to Knife Merchant and they offer a price match option which will allow you to get the knives at a lower price. No matter where you buy your shun cutlery, remember to look for discounts and Free shipping. Please buy shun cutlery from reliable retailers.

Shun Classic Knife Sets Come In Other Sizes

As I stated earlier I would also list the other sizes that you can get the Shun Classic knives in sets. These sizes also have different prices as well because of the different knives.

You can also get 2 piece knife sets as well but they do not include blocks for storage. There are two types of starter sets which are the Shun Classic Knife Starter Set and Shun Classic Knife Starter Asian.


Now let’s get cooking.


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