Shun Classic Pro Starter Set

Shun Classic Pro Knife Starter Set

The Shun Classic Pro Starter set series has been one of the most beautiful knives in my kitchen. The elegant design is much like a beautiful women in a date night black dress. The Classic Pro Shun cutlery are unique in design and beautiful graffiti etched into the blades. From a traditional Japanese blade style, graffiti was etched into blades and different from blade to blade, similar to a blade maker’s signature. The single bevel blade is made of pure VG10 Steel. The Classic Pro Shun knives have a D-shape handle made of pakkawood. Let’s take a look at the Shun classic Pro set.

What Is Included In The Shun Classic Pro Starter Set

I have not been a huge fan of knife sets because of the extra knives that are included and normally increase the prices.  However in this particular set which is referred to as the Shun Classic Pro Starter Asian set  Which includes

Shun Classic Pro Starter Set
Shun Classic Pro Starter 3pc

three knives that are useful and practical and an awesome set to begin a Shun cutlery collection with. Here is what included:

  • 6.5″ Deba
  • 6.5″ Usuba
  • 9.5″ Yangiba

These three knifes are actually a great starting set for any new chef or home cook. Especially if there is a focus in Asian cuisine. So how much is this set and where can I get it?

Where To Buy

The Shun Classic Pro Starter set can be found at all the retailers that I recommend. Williams-Sonoma, Amazon, Sur La Table, Crate and Barrel, and Cutlery and More. If you have read any of my previous pages, you know that I normally recommend Amazon because of the lower rates and how easy it is to get coupons. However, Cutlery and More is my first pick for buying this Shun knife set. The Knife set on Amazon is $1400 while on Cutlery and More the price for the three-piece Shun knife set is $470. Nearly a $1000 saving. Just remember that there is a difference between Shun Classic and Shun Classic Pro when shopping.

The Shun Classic Pro starter set is a great set to start a kitchen cutlery set with. These beautifully designed knives are a great gift for any new chef or home cook. The details in the knives make this collection a beautiful masterpiece and the quality of the knives provides the tools needed to create delicious meals. Down below is a video from Chef Knives to Go. In the video Chef Knives to Go provides an insight on the classic pro starter set and more specific the classic pro deba knife. This is extremely educating if you want to learn more on these knives. I hope you enjoy it, and let me know what you think.

Now Let’s Get Cooking!

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