Shun Edo Knife Set

Shun Edo Knife Set

Shun Edo Knife Set is one of my favorite looking  knives because the hammered finished blade is gorgeous and reminds me of the Premier Shun Knife Set. With a classy looking handle the Shun Edo Knife is sleek and stylish with just the right about of pop of red. The Shun Edo has the same 16 degree edge and the blade is made with VG-10 Steel and a hammered finished to provide stick-resistant blade. The Shun Edo knife is a mix of new technology and ancient methods combined to create this spectacular knife set. In this article I will focus on the Shun Edo knife set 11 piece.

What Is Included In The 11 Piece Knife Set?

As with many of the other Shun knife set there is a 4″ Shun paring knife. You also get the 5” Santoku Knife,  5.5″ utility knife. and 6.5 Shun chef knife. I like the fact that this set comes is a 8.25″ dual density bread knife, which

Shun Edo Knife Set
Shun Edo Knife Set 11 Piece

comes in handy time to time. There is also the 7.5″ Santoku knife and another Shun chef knife which is 8.5 inch. There is also a 9″ honing steel, kitchen herb shears, and the 11 slot bamboo block. Remember the Bamboo block is considered one of the pieces. So how much is this Shun Edo knife Set?

How Much For The Shun Edo Knife Set?

The Shun Edo knife set had a much higher price when it first was released. The retail suggestive price was nearly $1500 for the 11 pieces Shun Edo Knife set. Now that the collection has been retired the prices have dropped and you can now get the 11 piece knife set for $1000. The $500 cut is impressive for this array of knives because you get two Santoku knives and two chef knives.  So where can you buy this Shun knife set.

Where To Buy Shun Knives

As you all know I go with Amazon as my first pick for Shun knives. Amazon has the 11 piece Shun edo knife set for $1000 much like other retailers. Although this time I am going to select Cutlery and More .com as my first pick for Shun Edo Knives. Even though the prices are the same for the 11 piece set, the cutlery and more offers 50% off of the individual Shun Edo Knives. So if you don’t want the entire knife set and want to buy a single knife, I would choose Cutlery and More, then Amazon, and finally Williams- Sonoma.

You can get the Shun Edo Knife sets in a starter set which includes a Shun chef knife and Shun paring knife. The other sets are listed below, but remember the starter sets do not normally have the bamboo blocks.

Wrapping It Up

The Shun Edo knife set are a great kitchen cutlery sets for any new chef or home cook. The beautiful design and the quality steel blade with the hammered finished provides the professional kitchen knife everyone needs. The Shun Edo knife set is a great gift for new culinary students or any one who wants to add to their cutlery set collection. This particular collection is discontinued on the Kai website, but there are several retailers who still have them in stock. Just remember even though they are discontinued, they do not have to cost a fortune, so keep searching for the best deal.

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