Shun Edo Starter Set

Shun Edo Starter Set

If you love the Shun Edo Knives, you will love the Shun Edo starter set. The Shun Edo starter set provides the same handcrafted design that the entire Shun Edo knife is known for. Shun Edo Knife Set is one of my favorite looking  knives because the hammered finished blade is gorgeous and reminds me of the Premier Shun Knife Set. With a classy looking handle the Shun Edo Knife is sleek and stylish with just the right about of pop of red. The Shun Edo has the same 16 degree edge and the blade is made with VG-10 Steel and a hammered finished to provide stick-resistant blade. Let’s look at what’s included.

What’s Included

In the Shun Edo starter set provides a basic set of knifes that are commonly found in the kitchen. The best part is you get an amazing looking knife to show off and spark conversations. So what’s included in the Shun Edo Starter Set?

Shun Edo Starter Set
Shun Edo Starter Set 3pc
  • 4″ Shun Paring Knife
  • 8.25″ Dual density Shun Bread knife
  • 8.5″ Shun Chef Knife

The Shun Edo knife is beautiful and displays a pop of red that brings it all together on the Shun logo. The hammered blade creates creative design while the pakkawood provides the elegant and sleek features that bring the entire knife together.

Where To Buy?

Normally I would choose Amazon as my first pick, however with the Shun Edo knife it is obvious that Cutlery and More has the better price. Amazon sells the price for over $1000 while Cutlery and More offers the same set for $500 and currently on sale for $380. The Shun Edo is a retired set, therefore, many retailers will offer clearance prices on the Shun Edo knives. If you can get the Shun Edo Starter Set for $380 and find a coupon on Retail Me Not you are getting a great deal.

The Shun Edo starter set is great for new culinary students. This set provides beautiful crafted knives with the basic knives that any student would need for school. The knives are razor-sharp and durable, allowing the student to focus on learning rather than maintaining their knives.

In this video Chef Chris Cosentino shows off the Shun Edo utility knife. Chef Chris does a great job explaining all the features of the Shun Edo knife. This video provides a great review of the Shun Edo knives plus also provides great information on different preparation tasks.

Now Let’s Get Cooking!

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