Shun Hiro Knife Set

Shun Hiro Knife Set

The Shun Hiro knife set comes in a 4 piece block set. The Shun Hiro Knife features an Eastern Style design focusing on speed, agility, and balance. A Simply beautiful knife created from the ancient Japanese metal making traditions and handcrafted in Japan. The blade consists of SG2 Steel cladding with 32 alternating layers of nickel and stainless steel for a total of 65 layers. The blade also has the Tsuchime pattern or hammered patterned which helps reduce food sticking. The handle is dark charcoal colored Pakkawood with crimson striation and inlaid mosaic Samurai

Shun Hiro Knife Set
Shun Hiro Knife Set 4 pc

family crest. Theses knives are truly amazing.

What Is Included In The Shun Hiro Knife Set

The Shun Hiro set includes

  • 3.5″ Shun Paring Knife
  • 6″ serrated utility knife
  • 8″ Shun Chef Knife
  • 4 slot oval bamboo block set ( counted as one of the pieces)

These knifes are elegant and sleek. Absolutely amazing and can only be found at one place.

Where To Buy Shun Knife Set

Normally I would recommend Amazon, however, this Shun Hiro Knife Set 4 piece is only available at Willams-Sonoma. Willams-Sonoma offers Free Shipping and Free Knife Sharpening at their stores. The price for this Shun Hiro knife set is $640. Remember to shop from reliable retailers and look for coupons and discounts.

Another factor to remember is to always buy what is needed. With a Shun knife set as small as this, it is important to look at what is needed. When buying a 9 piece and getting one knife that isn’t needed but saving a lot more money than buying the knives individually may be worth it. While a 4 piece with one knife that isn’t needed may not be worth the bundle deal.

The Shun Hiro Knife set is a great 4 piece cutlery set that would look great in any kitchen. The oval bamboo cutlery block compliments any beautiful kitchen. The Hiro Knife set is amazing and makes a great gift for weddings, house parties, or any other occasions. This knife set provides quality knives that every cook will love.

Here is video that walks through the Shun Hiro knife set and provides informative insight on the more detail specifications. Let me know what you think of the Shun Hiro Knife set.

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