Shun Knife Set Mixed Set

Shun Knife Set Mixed Set

This Shun knife set mixed is different from the other shun knife sets because it is a mixture of knives. This knife set excites me because of the possibilities. When I first came across this Shun knife Set I was confused until I read what was included. This knife set is an all around great set of knives to have.

What’s Included

The mixed set includes an array of knives from different Shun series. The first knife in the Shun mixed set is the 4.5″ Dual Core Honesuki. <—- This is an awesome knife. Then there is the 6″ Shun Classic Utility knife, 8″ Premier Shun Chef Knife, and 9″ Classic Shun honing steel. The last knife is the 6.5″ Kaji Hollow Ground Nakiri Knife. <—- Another awesome knife. The mixed set also comes with kitchen shears and 11 slot bamboo block. Isn’t this set amazing!

How Much and Where To Find It

This is difficult to find and in fact I don’t think any other retailer has this item except for Williams-Sonoma. I will post a link here for you to check it out. The mixed set is difficult to locate but the price is nice. Coming in at a

Shun knife set
Shun Knife Set Mixed 7pc

cool $800 marked down from the $1200 retail value. Williams-Sonoma also provides free shipping and they have Free Knife Sharpening at every store.  I personal prefer to send my knives to Shun but if you have a store near by this will save you on the postage.

Wrapping It Up

I personally find this Shun Knife set mixed a great set to have. I like how the knife set mixes different series and provides an opportunity to try different series all in one. When you normally buy a kitchen knife set you have one series that you get. However, you can build a set which can get extremely costly. This mixed set is idea to experiment with different series and get a feel for how different each one is while have a beautiful collection in the kitchen.

This Shun mixed knife set is great for any professional chef or home cook who enjoys a professional kitchen cutlery set. This knife set provides one knife from each of the amazing Shun series and creates a Set that would be found with any professional chef. Great for all chefs and highly promotes the need to find knives that each chef enjoys and create a personal unique knife set.

Now let’s get cooking.

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