Shun Sora Knife Set

Shun Sora Knife Set

The Shun Sora knife set is one that resembles traditional cutlery that we are all familiar with. Sora Shun Cutlery is a more traditional knife. The handle is made from a textured PP/TPE blend which is an easy care handle. The Sora Shun Knives are made with VG10 san mai cutting core with a 16 degree edge. The Upper blade is made with 420J Steel. The Sora Shun Cutlery is a great starting tool for any kitchen with minimal cleaning necessary. In this article I will be focused on the 6 piece set.

Shun Sora Knife Set 6 Piece

So what is included in the 6 piece set. The first tool is the 3.5″ Shun paring knife. The next knife is the 6” utility

Shun Sora Knife Set
Shun Sora Knife Set 6 pc

knife. Then there is the 8” Shun Chef knife and the kitchen shears. The 9” honing steel is also a combination steel so remember that when you buy this Shun knife set. The bamboo block set is 13 slots and also counts as one of the pieces.  So how much is this set?

How Much and Where To Buy

If you have read any of my articles you know that I always recommend Amazon first because of the ability to get lower prices with coupons and discounts but also check out these other retailers. Cutlery and More. com is also another great place with very detail information on each product, Crates and Barrel, Sur La Table, and  Williams-Somona. The price for the 6 pieces knife set is $255 at Amazon and $269 at Cutlery and More and 399 at the other retailers. Remember to always look around and find coupons to get the best deal.

What Sizes Does The Shun Sora Knife Set Come In?

There is also a starter pack included in the Shun Sora series which includes the 2 piece starter set and the build your own block set that comes with one knife usually the 8” Shun Chef knife and the bamboo block.

The Shun Sora knife set is a great gift for any new home cook or culinary students. These knives provide the well crafted Japanese quality with the basic features of kitchen cutlery. The Shun Sora is perfect for any one who wants razor sharp cutlery with out the fancy design or enjoys elegant simplicity.

Check out this video from Knife Wizard who does a great product review for the Shun Sora knife set. The video review does an unboxing of the Shun Sora knives and provides a great insight on the starter set.

Now let’s get cooking.

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