Shun Sora Starter Set

Shun Sora Starter Set

The Shun Sora Starter Set is a great set of knives to start your Shun Sora collection. Sora Shun Cutlery is a more traditional knife. The handle is made from a textured PP/TPE blend which is an easy care handle. The Sora Shun Knives are made with VG10 san mai cutting core with a 16 degree edge. The Upper blade is made with 420J Steel. The Sora Shun Cutlery is a great starting tool for any kitchen with minimal cleaning necessary. The starter set

Shun Sora Starter set
Sora Chef Knife

includes two knives that don’t normally come with a block set. This is great if you want to reduce the expense of knives and slowly start your Shun Sora collection or if you want to add Shun Sora to your already collection. So what is included in the starter set?

Starter Set Includes

The Shun Sora starter set includes a 3.5″ Shun Paring Knife and 6″ Shun Chef Knife. These two knives are a great start if you are a new cook or chef and want to get started with Shun Knives. The Shun Starter set is inexpensive set to add to any collection with high quality knives.

Amazon, Williams-Sonoma, CulteryandMore

There are several places you can purchase the Shun Sora Starter set. This 2 piece set cost roughly $100 at Amazon. The other retailers sell the knife set at the same price give or take a penny. Remember to always buy from reliable retailers and look for discounts and coupons. You may also find that the Shun Sora is a great gift idea for others.

If you have reliable retailers that sell Shun knives that you prefer and I have not listed them before, please add them to our comment list below and we will check them out.

Wrapping It Up

The Shun Sora starter knife set is a great set for new home cooks and chefs. The Shun Sora is a great beginners knife, great for home cooks and good for students in culinary school. The Shun Sora series also makes a great daily knife set for chefs who want to keep the nicer knives for special occasions. Basically any who who would benefit from the quality of Shun cutlery but with the basic features of kitchen cutlery, will enjoy the Shun Sora starter set.

Check out this video from Knife wizard. They do an unboxing review for the Shun Sora starter set and provides a great review on this product.


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