Shun Premier Carving Set

Shun Premier Carving Set

The Shun Premier Carving Set is a beautiful set of kitchen tools that are found in every home. Carving tools are used in several dishes and most commonly used at Thanksgiving dinner. The Shun Premier collection provides a well design set and the details are within the specifications. Premier Shun cutlery focuses on the hand forged design.  The Premier Shun Knives have a Damascus blade with 34 layers of VG Max stainless steel cladding on each side. The Hammered tsuchime finish creates less friction and keeps food from sticking.  The Premier Shun cutlery blade has a 16 degree angle edge. The handle is made contoured walnut Pakkawood.

What’s Included

Normally I would talk about what knives are included in the Shun knife set, however, the carver set should be pretty

Shun Premier Carving Set
Shun Premier Carving Set

much self-explanatory. I will however leave the specifications on the sizes down below. The Shun Premier Carving Set is one of the most beautiful shun knife sets to have in your kitchen. You will enjoy this set and enjoy the quality of theses knives. The Carver set includes a 6.5″ Carving Fork and the 9.5″ Slicing knife.

Where To Buy Shun Premier Carving Set

Amazon offers the Premier Shun Carving Set  for the same price as the other retailers. The price for this conversation starter at your next Thanksgiving dinner will cost about $300. Cutlery and More, Crate and Barrel, Williams-Sonoma are all great places to buy Shun cutlery. Just remember to look for coupons and discounts and buy from reliable sources.

If you plan to cook a roasted chicken for the whole family or you just want a conversational piece for Thanksgiving turkey carving , the Shun Premier Carving set is a great set to purchase. Why not have a beautiful and quality knife set at your dinner table? This carving set is worth every penny and a great investment. When you want to impress your guess at the next Thanksgiving dinner, the Shun Premier carving set.

The premier slicer knife also makes a great knife for anyone who enjoys making sushi. The slicer makes it easier to prepare sushi rolls with cleaner cuts than using a chef knife. The slicer knife also come in handy when working with large portions of fish and makes it easier to thinly slice and prepare fish for sushi. Not only is the Shun premier carver set great for carving a turkey in November, but it can also be great for experimenting with your sushi making skills.

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