Where To Buy Shun Knives

Shun Dealers and How Much Do Shun Knives Cost? 

Shun Vendors are found almost everywhere, and I will talk about a few that have made my list of recommended vendors. So where do you buy shun knives? First let’s look at the history of Shun. Shun Knives are crafted and designed beautifully from the traditional culinary preparation in Japan when food is at its freshest. The term Shun, which is pronounced “Shoon” and rhymes with “toon” describes the exact season during the year when a particular food is at its peak, freshest, and most delicious state.  The Shun Knives feed on this same tradition to create and craft knives that are at their peaks every time. Well crafted, impeccable design and precise details the Shun is a masterpiece that has become a way of life.  Now where can you purchase these beautiful artwork for your kitchen

Shun Website

                The shun website offered by the Kai Corporation at Shun.kaiusaltd.com/knives provides an inventory of Shun knives and accessories to complete your collection or to start your collection. The Images are vibrate and detailed with full descriptions of each knife and the history in each one. Some of the best places to buy Shun knives are listed below. This would be the highest rated Shun vendor, however they also sell everything at their recommended retail price.


                Amazon is the go to place for many items and a great location for Shun Knives. Amazon provides the inventory of the more inexpensive collections including the Premier and Classic collection. These knives are great for the beginner chef or the new chef to the Shun collection. However, the more beautiful and amazing collections are not available on the Amazon website. Amazon provides the basic details and images for each Shun knife. One of my favorite Shun vendors because of the ability to find coupons and discounts easily.


                Williams-Sonoma is an online e-commerce store for all things culinary. The website Williams-sonoma.com/shop/cutlery/knives-shun/ provides an inventory of Shun knives for the chef. Similar to Amazon, Williams provides the more basic and beginner selection for chefs. The difference in Williams and why I prefer Williams over Amazon is that Williams provides additional collections that are difficult to find on the Shun Website once retired and Amazon. For instance, the Shun Kaji Knives are for sale on Williams, while Shun no longer list the item since the retirement of the collection and Amazon hasn’t had this collection. You can also find other collections such as the FuJi, and Hiro which are also great collection and for the chefs who want knives similar to the Classic Collection but more uncommon. Another reason this is a top ranked Shun vendor is because they offer Free sharpening at their stores. This is great if you have a store near by and don’t have to send your knives off to Shun.


I will continue to add Shun vendors in the future as I find more reliable and quality retailers that provide an overall experience. If you have any Shun vendors that you want me to add or research, please leave a comment down below.

Buy Shun Knive

Price Ranges

                When looking for knives it is not only important to find a knife that is comfortable in the hand and provides the quality and durability in the kitchen, but the knife needs to fit in the budget. Therefore, Shun provides an inventory from the inexpensive knives to the high-end price budget. When you buy Shun Knives you aren’t just buying a reliable and high quality tool for the kitchen, you are buying an artwork and a talking point for every kitchen you work in.

               Classic Knives range $100-$300 depending on the knife

                Premier Knives range $175-$400 depending on the knife

                Kanso Knives range from $75-$200 depending on the knife

                Dual Core Knives range from $250-$500 depending on the knife

                Blue Knives ( one of my favorite knives) range from $250-$325 depending on the knife

                Sora Knives range from $75-$200 depending on the knife

                Reserve Knives range from $225-$400 depending on the knife

                Hana Knives start off at $750


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