Sora Shun Cutlery

Sora Shun Cutlery and Shun knives

Sora Shun Cutlery is a more traditional knife. The handle is made from a textured PP/TPE blend which is an easy care handle. The Sora Shun Knives are made with VG10 san mai cutting core with a 16 degree edge. The Upper blade is made with 420J Steel. The Sora Shun Cutlery is a great starting tool for any kitchen with minimal cleaning necessary.

Sora Shun Cutlery
Sora Utility Knife

Sora Utility Knife – is a smaller knife used for coring and trimming of fruit and vegetables.

Sora Shun Cutlery
Sora Ultimate Utility Knife

Sora Ultimate Utility Knife– multipurpose utility knife, used as a normal utility knife, serrated edges that acts like a serrated utility knife, and a rounded belly for rocking motion cuts just like a chef knife.

Sora Shun Cutlery
Sora Paring Knife

Sora Paring Knife – Commonly used for peeling, coring, trimming, and decorative cutting. Perfect for garlic and ginger.

Sora Shun Cutlery
Sora Honing Steel

Sora Honing Steel– Stainless steel with micro ribs for straightening the edge of the blade. Not a sharpener.

Sora Shun Cutlery
Sora Hollow Ground Santoku Knife

Sora Hollow Ground Santoku – Similar to a chef knife.


Sora Shun Cutlery
Sora Chef Knife

Sora Chef Knife – Used for most foods and has a larger belly to keep knuckles from hitting the cutting board. Used in a rocking or push cut motion. Has a wide blade that can be used to transfer food to cook ware. The Sora Shun Chef Knife comes in 6 inch and 8 inch blades.

Sora Shun Cutlery
Sora Bread Knife

Sora Bread Knife – Designed to saw bread without crushing or tearing the bread.

Wrapping It Up

The Shun Sora Knives are great for the new cook or culinary student. The Sora has the basic features of any knife with with quality of Shun and Japanese knife making. The Sora knives are perfect day to day use and can handle long hours of handling. Anyone who wants to get into quality Japanese knives but doesn’t want to invest a lot of money at first, the Shun Sora knives are a great starter knife. The Sora will provide the quality of the professional knife while affordable. Shun cutlery is much like tattoos, once you get one you can’t wait to get the next one. If you have ever been curious about Shun or wanted to experience Shun but not sure it’s worth the investment. I highly recommend trying Shun Sora first, because this knife will be the perfect fit. Once you have used a Shun blade you can fine tone the other features such as the handle and design. Consider the Shun Sora as the sample knife collection.

Here is a video from Shun Cutlery that gives a great over view of the Shun Sora knife series.

Now Let’s Get Cooking!

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